UniWhales UWL Public Sale

2 min readNov 17, 2020


Intro: We started with the UniWhales Telegram channel and 6 followers on the first day analyzing the large trades on Uniswap

Two months later, we have a community of 2300 followers.

We are building a premium product where those holding the required amount of the UWL Token will gain access to the premium web app, additional Telegram alerts, and a DAO group.

Private sale just finished and the hard cap of 150 ETH was raised within an hour.

Now it is time for the public sale.

Public Sale Details

Date: Wednesday November 18th — 4 PM Berlin Time/10 AM New York Time

Amount: 2,000,000 UWL tokens (see Tokenomics below)
Price in ETH — 0.000125
Soft cap — 100 ETH, Hard cap — 250 ETH
Min contribution per person — 1 ETH (8,000 UWL)
Max contribution per person — 2 ETH (16,000 UWL)
Disclaimer: U.S. Residents/Citizens and Residents/Citizens of OFAC countries are NOT allowed to participate.


  1. At the above time, we will announce the Ethereum address in the main Telegram channel: https://t.me/uniwhales
  2. Once we reach the hard cap the sale will be closed. Any additional ETH above the hard cap will be refunded.
  3. Airdrop to participants will happen AFTER the Uniswap listing, which should happen by the end of the week. Again, we will notify you of the listing in the main Telegram channel.

Let’s take a look at the tokenomics…


Premium Membership Tiers

We will also share details on how to access the premium web app, Telegram alerts, and the DAO permissioned Telegram group.

All announcements will be made on our main Telegram channel.

We are excited to support the Uniswap / Defi ecosystem with UniWhales!

-UniWhales team.