Announcing UniWhales DAO

Oct 21, 2020


Last month (September 2020) we launched a Telegram channel to alert Uniswap traders of any trades over $50,000.

Today, with over 1300 members, we have decided to launch a utility token (UWL) for access to a premium UniWhales web portal and permissioned Telegram channels.

Why Uniwhales?

In Uniswap and DeFi, whale traders move the markets. By understanding what tokens whales move and when they move the tokens, we can find DeFi trends before the masses.

A few weeks ago, traders following the UniWhales Telegram channel were alerted to $CORE from its very first whale trade at under $200. Trade alerts are just the beginning.

Why DAO?

Nearly all of the changes have been suggested by members of the Telegram group. By implementing a DAO, our members will play a key role in evolving and improving the UniWhales experience.

Premium Features

Here a few capabilities that will be available on the premium platform:

  • Whale LP entries and exits
  • New/obscure token swaps
  • Whale profitability analysis
  • Much, much more….

In the next few days, we will have a token generation event. Details will be announced on the UniWhales Telegram channel and Twitter account.

-UniWhales team

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