Intro: We started with the UniWhales Telegram channel and 6 followers on the first day analyzing the large trades on Uniswap

Two months later, we have a community of 2300 followers.

We are building a premium product where those holding the required amount of the UWL Token will gain access to the premium web app, additional Telegram alerts, and a DAO group.

Private sale just finished and the hard cap of 150 ETH was raised within an hour.

Now it is time for the public sale.

Public Sale Details

Date: Wednesday November 18th — 4 PM Berlin Time/10 AM New York Time


As many already know, the Harvest Finance protocol was attacked.

Using a flash loan, they were able to raise the price of USDT and cash in on the arbitrage to the tune of 24 million dollars.

Apparently, they could have cashed out more but didn’t continue.

We saw some unusual movement in our UniWhales alerts.

Eyebrows Raised

At 3:02:23 AM +UTC today, there was a USDC-ETH movement for roughly 13 million dollars. On our UniWhales Telegram main channel, we only report transactions $100,000 USD and above for ETH-Stablecoin pairs.

Since mid-September we had a handful of trades over one million…

Last month (September 2020) we launched a Telegram channel to alert Uniswap traders of any trades over $50,000.

Today, with over 1300 members, we have decided to launch a utility token (UWL) for access to a premium UniWhales web portal and permissioned Telegram channels.

Why Uniwhales?

In Uniswap and DeFi, whale traders move the markets. By understanding what tokens whales move and when they move the tokens, we can find DeFi trends before the masses.

A few weeks ago, traders following the UniWhales Telegram channel were alerted to $CORE from its very first whale trade at under $200. …


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